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HardCar Security Introduces Hidden Weapon Detection Technology to the Cannabis Space

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Breaking News February 2017

Acting on recent events in the local cities surrounding Desert Hot Springs, CA. town officials met with Hardcar Security to review a robotic deployment at the towns first cannabis facility. "These robots don't sleep, use twitter or facebook" says Todd Kleperis, CEO of Hardcar Security. What you have is a platform that protects locations better than previous methods. With a robotic autonomous platform facilities can see a dramatic cost savings while increasing safety. Since the robots deploy for 8 hour shifts there is always a person monitoring the devices. Immediate alarms send intruder alerts and relay real time video. 

Marijuana Venture - Product Spotlight

Hard Car Security transports cash and product in discreet armored vehicles designed to blend in with other cars on the road. The company offers transportation services in full compliance with state and local regulations for the cannabis industry and other applications where a high level of security is imperative. Each armored vehicle is tracked through reai-time GPS technology, allowing customers to follow the movements of their assets. Hard Car vehicles are also equipped with a camera system that records all aspects of each transaction, from pickup to drop-off. The company's mission is to deliver high-value assets in a safe, professional manner every tirne.

Marijuana Venture Product Spotlight
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Hard Car Securtiy and Nxtrobotics team up to deliver the ultimate environmental and security system for the cannabis industry

September 1st 2016

Through dynamic collaboration, three leading edge California based companies have created an ecosystem which will revolutionize the Cannabis Security and Environmental Industry.

Hard Car Security is an emergent cannabis industry service specializing in the safe transport of cannabis products and/or large quantities of cash via armored cars. NXT Robotics delivers autonomous indoor and outdoor mobile security vehicles and cognitive physical security equipment.

The trio have come together to create a cost effective, comprehensive and secure system designed to provide fortification essential to our rapidly growing industry. This advanced technical solution will narrow the protection gaps in defense of cannabis crop yields and the increasing amounts of product/cash being transported over our country’s highways. Also covered are our collective intellectual properties and the safety of all industry employees.

Jeff Breier, CEO and Co-Founder of Hard Car Security, has a 30-year background in law enforcement, executive protection, asset protection, and security management. Jeff is one of the first to acknowledge that the current transportation security of legal cannabis products and high volumes of cash is inferior and puts employees’ safety at great risk. According to Jeff, “Other security companies focused on cameras and access control and uniformed security guards in front of dispensaries … or even grow sites. Our main focus initially was not cameras and guards, but on highly trained agents and a fleet of heavily-armored vans and SUVs which blend in naturally while providing great protection. Many other industry professionals still rely on unofficial means of transport. Putting employees at risk just to save a few hundred dollars is insanity … You need highly trained agents in armored vehicles to do your transportation services.”

By partnering with NXT Robotics, Breier has raised the security standards even higher.   These advanced security measures are capable of tracking atmospheric conditions in a cannabis grow room or trimming operation, and include options for a high-tech, mobile or fixed sensor stack that essentially functions as “an internal security guard that never calls in sick, complains, or falls asleep.”  NXT Robotics’ indoor and outdoor mobile security platforms – or robots - integrate multiple cameras, onboard and network-based video recording, threat detection sensors (including flame, gas, sound and motion detection). The outdoor mobile platform is ideal to patrol the crop or the perimeter of any location requiring diligent protection. The outdoor platform runs on an autonomous route, covering a 24-mile range with a battery life of 20 hours before it starts a self-charging routine.  The outdoor, all weather mobile platform is mounted with panoramic video surveillance and motion detection, automatic intruder target acquisition and PTZ camera. The outdoor unit also includes solar options for sunny locations.

Breier states, “Our integrated security solution tracks threats in real-time and also stores information captured from the fixed, mobile indoor or outdoor platform. It is fully transparent, provides a higher degree of security reporting accuracy, and provides real time alerts to deliver an increased level of situational awareness to the manager of a grow-site. At any given moment, the manager can see the atmospheric conditions as well any other threats detected (flame, intruder, gas…) that need immediate response.  It’s tied right in to the same security system that we are offering, that we call our supply chain tracking solution.”

And getting started is simple.  During the first consultation, our subject matter experts will make recommendations for system design and implementation strategy.  Keep in mind the recommendations are modular and may be integrated at any stage of the facilities’ evolution, including having a fully operational farm.

The customized solution will factor in the individual growers’ concerns regarding environmental variations (fire, heat, moisture, cold, and dryness), IP protection (bud/plant removal), employee safety (unlawful armed/unarmed intrusion detection) and safe transportation of crop and cash.

The elevated security platform will completely transform the legal Cannabis process life cycle bringing 24/7 peace of mind to owners in this rapidly growing industry.


Cannabis Armored Car Company Selects Sarasota FL as second office

October 26th 2016

SARASOTA, FL (PRESS RELEASE JET) - Hardcar Security the leading CA based Armored Car company has selected Sarasota, FL as it's second location in advance of the Nov. election and critical cannabis ballot. Hardcar Security selected Sarasota over other areas in FL because of it's incredible governmental push to bring business into FL. Todd Kleperis CEO of Hardcar states "Florida is slotted to become the second largest medical cannabis state in the US it only made sense to setup offices here. Sarasota is excellent promoting it's local businesses, we love it here." Hardcar has seen drastic growth in it's CA market and utilizes technology other firms in this space have failed to adopt. RFID based identification of offices, license plate recognition, remote monitoring of vehicles and live video feeds at any given second put Hardcar well above other service providers.


John & Heidi Show - Jeff Breier, Hard Car Security

November 6th 2016

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